Top Soccer Teams that Fought through Adversity


In a global sense, soccer is a game that’s more than just two teams kicking into a goal. Diehard fans will literally be there as soon as they open the gates just to catch a glimpse of their favorite players in their soccer warm up gears. This sport is a worldwide phenomenon and each team has a story behind how

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The Top 4 Leagues in European Club Football


It’s an oft asked question as to which European Club football league is the best in the continent. For the most part, a number of people usually consider the English Premier League to be the best. Yet there’s more than meets the eye, quite honestly. Just being the most popular league in the world has nothing to do with the

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Club Football vs. World Cup Football – Which is Better?


There’s a clear generation gap when it comes to preferences regarding football. Most people in their 30s or older grew up with the World Cup being the trophy that got the most attention. As for the younger generation, their interests are inclined towards club football given its rise over the past 5 years or so. While older football fans might

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Is Messi the Greatest Footballer Ever?


Several articles have been written about why Messi might be the greatest footballer of all. Comparisons between him, Maradona and Pele have been made for years now. Each time, people can only come to one conclusion. For this era, Messi is truly the best footballer amongst the lot. Of course, Ronaldo fans might beg to differ given the goals and

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The top ten selling club soccer jerseys worldwide


Soccer is a global sport with large following. While a lot of the support is for national teams, fan loyalty is strongest for their club. Most European clubs have fans from all over the world. One way that fans show their support and loyalty is to buy their team jerseys. In some cases they buy replica soccer jerseys until the

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Why Bayern Munich is a Force to be Reckoned With


It was that 10-man win against Hoffenheim this season that really said it all. The Bundesliga has already been won long before the season is complete. Watching Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund might be a delightful experience every weekend. But when it comes to tactics and star power, Bayern Munich has it all. For starters, Lewandowski’s recent 5 goal haul

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Better Equipment Equals Better Results


Are you a soccer fanatic? Like most people who watch and play the sport, that’s probably a big “yes.” Soccer definitely inspires a lot of enthusiasm in those who get involved, which is why it’s the most famous sport on the entire planet. People who don’t even play on a regular basis still often have soccer bags in their home

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3 Noticeable Weaknesses of FC Barcelona


When it comes to footballing prowess, in terms of tactics as well as the world’s best players, Barca remains the gold standard especially since Pep Guardiola took over manager duties a few years ago. After winning a ridiculous number of trophies, Pep decided to leave, paving the way for his assistant, Tito Vilanova, to take over. If you’ve watched Barca

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Why Liverpool is the Greatest English Club Ever


Anfield has been the home to the Kop since 1892. Yet when it comes to global recognition (and the number of ardent fans), Manchester United has always enjoyed the most attention. With recent investments in both Manchester City and Chelsea, things have looked for these clubs as well. But there’s no doubt that Liverpool, despite being on the downturn, over

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