Kids Should not Copy Messi, They should Copy Muller

muller vs messi

Former Barcelona striker Thierry Henry believes kids should copy Thomas Muller, not Lionel Messi.

The Bayern Munich striker was League and World Champion this season. he was very impressive in the Bundesliga and performance for Germany to Brazil.

And New York Red Bulls forward insisted that the children try to copy Messi or Ronaldo shouldnt because they are “crazy.”

“Stepovers, tips, this is not the game,” I told reporters.

“The game is what Thomas Muller does. If I had son right now, playing, I would say look, look [Franck] Ribery and Muller watch.”

“What Ronaldo and Messi do, they are just freaks. Do not try to copy those Guys. You can copy Ribery, you can copy Thomas Muller.

“What I did at the World Cup, people do not talk about. They do not talk, but they should talk about it.

“He plays the game the right way: I defend, I attack, I controlled the ball When I have to check it out, I spill When I reverse it when I have to finish, it will end.”

“There is no stepovers, but when I have to do, I do. I did what the game asks him to do.”

The top ten selling club soccer jerseys worldwide


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Soccer is a global sport with large following. While a lot of the support is for national teams, fan loyalty is strongest for their club. Most European clubs have fans from all over the world. One way that fans show their support and loyalty is to buy their team jerseys. In some cases they buy replica soccer jerseys until the real one is available. Here are the top ten best-selling club soccer jerseys in the world.

On the number ten spot is Ac Milan also called the Rossoneri and prides itself as one of the top clubs in Italy and Europe, which is reported to sell about 350,000 jerseys worldwide yearly.

The number nine spot is owned by Inter Milan who is a neighbor of Ac Milan and nicknamed the Nerazzurri. They use the same pitch for their matches that is the San Siro. They are reported to be selling about 425,000 shirts yearly.

The number eight club is another Italian team, Juventus. The Bianconeri as it is called is said to sell around 480,000 jerseys per year. Arsenal occupies the number seven spot, selling 800,000 jerseys, while Liverpool which is the number six sells 810,000.

Next is Bayern Munich which sells 880,000 at number five and Chelsea as number four which sells 910,000 jerseys. Barcelona occupies the number three spot selling 1.15 million shirts, and then Manchester United which sells 1.4 million jerseys per year at number two. The top spot is claimed by Real Madrid also sells 1.4 million jerseys annually.

Fans are passionate about the team they support but also very supportive of their teams supplier. If they can’t get the team jersey then they might get the same brand like an Adidas soccer jersey.

Soccer Garage is an online retailer that sells absolutely everything related to the sport. You can find you favorite brand of ball, soccer shoes, jerseys even soccer DVDs, soccer replicas and more.

Top Soccer Players Of the Last Decade


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These soccer players have shone in the last decade. Even though we might not hear much from some of them, this list serves as a tribute.

Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro had led his country to the World Cup victory in 2006. This year represented the peak of his career and performance. Cannavaro had demonstrated all the attributes of a tenacious and intelligent defense player. He was also the second defender to have won the World Player of the Year. He had also contributed massively to Parma, Inter and Juventus.

Clarence Seedorf

Seedorf had a reputation for having improved each team in which he played. He had been in four champions league wins with three different clubs; Ajax, Ac Milan and twice with Real Madrid. The performance of Seedorf is not often cited, much to the wonder of soccer enthusiasts. The Dutch midfielder has certainly brought a major contribution to soccer in the past decade.


This Spanish player is the top scorer in Champions League history. He has also been in three Champions League wins with Real Madrid. Raul is also known as Spain’s top scorer of all time. The performance of Raul has not ceased to wonder for the last 15 years.


Even though Kaka might not be a match to the achievements of some of the players above, he has demonstrated raw talent. Kaka is also known for his verve and unique style. He is a natural player and this can be seen on the field as he glides effortlessly.

Highlights of Messi’s 10-year Career


On the 16th October 2014, Lionel Messi had celebrated a decade ever since he started his senior career. In the 10 years of his senior career, he has achieved four Ballons d’Ors, three Champions League and six La Liga titles. He is considered as one of the best players in our times, if not of all time. The interesting facts below pertain to some of his achievements during the first 10 years of his senior career.

On the 16th October 2004, Messi debuted his senior career. He was playing as a substitute at the 84th minute for Deco in the derby match at Espanyol where Barcelona had won 1-0. At the 10th year anniversary mark, Messi had played a total of 528 matches.

On the same day that Messi was starting his career, Cristiano Ronaldo was playing his 99th match. This was a 0-0 draw for Manchester United at Birmingham City. At the ten-year mark, Messi had reached a total of 405 goals scored while at the same time Ronaldo had a total of 426 goals. The latter had also scored a total of 320 goals between 2002 and 2012, the first ten years of his career. When it comes to hat-tricks, both Ronaldo and Messi had an equal score of 29 during Messi’s senior career.

Lionel Messi has played a total of 28 matches against Real Madrid and he has scored 21 times against them. Messi’s first goal was scored on May 1st 2005 in the match opposing Barcelona and Albacete. Barcelona won by 2-0.

A Great Game Starts With the Right Soccer Supplies

FC Barcelona plays Getafe in Barcelona, Spain, on May 3. Spain's soccer federation says it will halt all professional games "indefinitely" starting May 16, to protest a new law regulating the sale of television game rights. Spain's professional soccer league opposes the planned suspension, but the players union supports it.

Written by Soccer Garage

Having the proper equipment and right soccer supplies is essential to the performance of every player. Most teams and school leagues have also made it mandatory for their players to be integrally equipped along with adequate soccer apparel in order to be eligible to participate in a game. The right soccer supplies not only contribute to improving efficiency, they also act as a protection for the players.


Soccer cleats are designed to adapt to all tough conditions of the soccer field. Depending on the position of the player, these shoes are built to provide a great traction on the ground in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the player. Child and teen players are up to a certain age, limited only to turf shoes. The adequate age to shift to normal cleats would be defined by the club of the player.

Shin Guards

The leg of a soccer player is particularly vulnerable to injuries derived from kicks and collisions with other players. The lower leg area is especially prone to these accidents. The shin guard provides an additional layer of protection to the shin.

Soccer Socks

The right socks for a soccer match should be long and elastic enough to comfortably cover the shin guards. Players should be wary about not compressing their feet in their socks to avoid any disruption in their blood circulation.

Soccer Ball

Investing in a soccer ball will prove worthwhile in improving your moves and practising individually. Even though a team usually has its own soccer ball, it is important for a player to have his own ball for training.

Soccer Garage specializes in sports equipment such as soccer bags and Adidas soccer ball.

Star Players of the 2014 World Cup


Last year’s World Cup in Brazil is regarded by several specialists as one of the most spectacular ones in the Cup’s history. This can be attributed to the physical performance by the players and the overall quality of the games played. Germany’s players undeniably were the best during the competition and the team won the Cup. However, other players have shone despite the fact that their teams did not make it far into the competition.

Brazil: Neymar

Even though Brazil did not win the competition, it still showcased some incredible talents. Neymar contributed majorly to keeping the Brazilian team competitive. Even though his goals were not as spectacular as at the Confederations Cup, the young player still yielded a great performance.

Costa Rica: Joel Campbell and K Navas

Campbell as a striker gave a hard time to his opponents. Navas proved to be an outstanding goalkeeper and his performance helped his team to get to the quarter finals.

Germany: B Schweinsteiger, M Neuer, T Kroos and Philip Lahm

Germany undeniably had a great line-up of players. The proof of this being that they ultimately won the World Cup. However, players such as Neuer, Lahm, Kroos and Schweinsteiger have managed to outshone their fellow team players.

Argentina: L Messi, A di Maria and goalkeeper S Romero

Had Di Maria not been injured, he could have won player of the tournament. Messi had contributed massively to bringing his country to the finals through a consistent style and dedication. Romero’s performance as goalkeeper was also quite commendable.

Most Expensive Transfer Fees of all time


Soccer players are known to be among some of the most highly remunerated sportsmen. Transfer seasons present players with an opportunity to outbid their price and negotiate higher earnings. Transfer fees have climbed sky high in recent years. Talents are being traded for millions. The list below tracks down some of the highest transfer fees of all time.

Gareth Bale

Bale has recently drawn much attention with his transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid evaluated at £86m. This is considered the most expensive transfer fee of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid is known not to go frugal when it comes to acquiring new talents. Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Manchester United to Real Madrid had cost £80m.

Luis Suarez

Suarez’ move from Liverpool to Barcelona had a transfer fee of £75m. This places the player third on the list of the most expensive transfer fees


The fee to transfer the Brazilian wonder boy from Santos to Barcelona had been £71.5m. Neymar is known to be a rising star and it is no wonder that he would be expensive. The player is set to amaze fans for more years to come.

James Rodriguez

Real Madrid strikes again. Rodriguez’s transfer from Monaco to Real Madrid had a cost of £63m. The young Colombian player had joined Real Madrid in 2014.

Angel di Maria

After spending four years with Real Madrid, di Maria moved to Manchester United for a transfer fee of £59.7m. The Argentinean player left Real Madrid in 2014.

Transfers in the English Premier League


The English Premier League is regarded as the most powerful soccer competition in the world and it is for this reason that football fans cannot go without it. With clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal striving to win the title each season. Other clubs such as Manchester City and Tottenham are often seen closing the gap just behind the 4 major clubs. With these competitive clubs, every Premiership campaign looks more promising than the last.

Keeping track of the latest transfers is crucial in order to stay up to date with the latest high flying player swaps and loans. The top clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United are always aiming to add quality players to their sides without upsetting a balance of players. Other smaller teams, especially the promoted ones, seek quality but they tend to focus on quantity as well.

Players in the English Premier League are not allowed to switch clubs while they are still under contract. They can do so only within the summer and winter transfer windows. Footballers who are out of contract can join clubs anytime during the season. Loan deals between clubs can be performed any time during the season outside of the transfer windows. In some cases, such as mass injury of players, emergency loans can be granted. These emergency loans have to be approved by the Premier League.

One of the most notable transfers that happened in the English Premier League for the 2014/2015 has been that of Angel di Maria. The Argentinean midfielder has moved from Real Madrid to Manchester United for a transfer fee of 75 million euros.

Tips for Soccer Training at Home

US WNT practice
September 15, 2012
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Carson, CA

Written by: SoccerGarage

Soccer is life, and training is something that you need to take with you off the field and into the home if you want to improve. Soccer is a demanding sport that requires year-round conditioning to perform at high levels of play. If you want to test yourself and reach those goals, you’ll need to develop a steady training regiment and diet you can use to maintain your body during the off season. Be field read with this equipment, and these tips.

Take Inventory

Most people who play soccer seriously own a soccer back pack, ball, a pair of cleats and a jersey. If you’re trying to train at home, you’ll want to pick up a few more accessories based on what you want to improve. Cones are always great to have for everyone but goalies. We could all use more practice dribbling and staying maneuverable, and cones are cheap and easy ways to practice those skills. Grab a small net to practice putting your shots on target, and don’t forget the ground anchors so you’re not constantly resetting the net.

If you pack everything the night into your soccer bags the night before, or after a wash, you’re always ready to go straight to practice. Plus, packing everything ahead of time is good for discipline.


You can do a lot at home to improve your foot control. Rolling the ball back and forth between you feet, using the heels and balls of your foot, helps you get the basics of ball control. Practice without looking to improve your dribbling, and then pick up the pace.

Next, try dribbling the ball behind your leg with your heel, stopping it with the ball of your foot, then rolling it off your hell to your opposite side. Repeat until this becomes a fluid motion.

These two drills are only the beginning. You’ll find YouTube and your Club’s coach to be excellent resources in improving your game.


The next crucial phase of your training is general conditioning. This extends to every aspect of your life. Don’t smoke, don’t eat too many unhealthy foods, run regularly and perform lots of aerobic exercise. There are also a number of soccer conditioning drills you can do to keep you ready for longer game sessions. Run the figure eight or a few field sprints in your soccer gear.

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Buying Soccer Accessories and Equipment Online

soccer gear

Soccer is one of those sports that require a lot of equipment. When it comes to games and matches that are purely for fun, as long as you have a shirt, shorts, shoes, and a ball, you should be good to go. However, when you play in a match that is sanctioned or regulated, strict rules may apply when it comes to clothing and equipment. Those kinds of games and matches require jerseys, proper soccer cleats, and all sorts of padding. Finding one place where you can buy all your soccer equipment can be quite difficult. Sure you might know a store but is it really easy to go to? These soccer equipment stores can be located at quite a distance from your home and with worsening traffic conditions that we face these days, a lot of gas can be wasted.

Why not try buying your all your soccer equipment online. It’s quick and easy! There are several payments to choose from and shipping can be arranged for your gear to be delivered right at your door. Order your favorite pair of Nike soccer shoes without leaving your room and get them in a week’s notice. From picking the items you want, to paying, and all the way to getting it in your hands, all the hassles of going to a store can now disappear thanks to all the specialized online shops that are now available. Start shopping online and save time, money, and effort today!


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