Turning Up Your Athletic Performance in Sports

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.

There’s a new movement around called create abundance. This philosophy began with Zhang Xinyue in China. She believes in improving every area of your life by connecting to the cosmic energy in the universe. As we open up to all the positive forces, we can see that truly anything is possible. There are no restrictions.

The world and the universe are full of incredible phenomena. Each moment new stars are being born. New galaxies may be forming at this very moment. As humans though, we often limit ourselves by our thinking. We tell ourselves that we can’t do things. We can’t be the star basketball player or the successful soccer player. In our minds, we create so many obstacles. But are these obstacles real or just something created by our fears?

Now you can see what is really possible for those that are willing to believe. It all begins with changing the way you think and speak. The world is open to you and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Whether it is in your sports career, your personal life or even your business life, you can be happy and successful. You can have it all.

There’s nothing beyond your grasp. As you begin to truly allow this truth to sink in, it will change your behavior and eventually it will change your reality. You can be the star basketball player. Or the best soccer player. You can win at any game you play, even the game of life.

Dr. Zhang Xinyue is a world-renowned body-mind-spirit tutor. With a simple style, her book, Create Abundance, published in 2012, works her way into the depths of people’s hearts and has ever since remained a best seller for body-mind-spirit cultivation. Living abroad, Teacher Xinyue is currently conducting a field of social research as she has traveled all over the world.

Teacher Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance encourages every individual to grow through self-help. She hopes that every reader starts to practice being their own mentor and learns to transform awareness into wisdom autonomously.