Club Football vs. World Cup Football – Which is Better?

There’s a clear generation gap when it comes to preferences regarding football. Most people in their 30s or older grew up with the World Cup being the trophy that got the most attention.

As for the younger generation, their interests are inclined towards club football given its rise over the past 5 years or so.

While older football fans might be familiar with old names like Ronaldo, Henry, Rivaldo and Zidane for their exploits at the World Cup, not very many of them know anything about club football be it La Liga, the Bundesliga or even the English Premier League.

That is if you’re not from a European country. Plenty of fans watch club football until they reach a ripe age because it has so much to do with community and country.

In that sense, the real passion of football is best seen. Week after week, month after month and year after year, club football showcases some of the best players in the world. The World Cup brings them together once in four years apart from a few qualifiers that are but a boring affair for all football.

The times have indeed changed. Club football gives the fans what they truly loves – chills and thrills. A real sense of belonging that World Cup football will never bring to the game.

Even if most of the top players for European clubs featured during the recently held World Cup, it was clear that the magic was missing, thanks to the restriction of political boundaries.

In other words, club football is a true reflection of the world as we know it now – a seismic shift towards globalization.

Still, there’s no doubt that both these types of football competitions must exist – to appease both the young and old.

Yet there’s no doubt that when it comes to value for the fans of the beautiful game, club football takes precedence over World Cup football these days.