How to build stamina for Soccer

Written by Top Soccer Buy

Soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Players are on their feet running for the vast majority of the 90 plus minutes of a typical Soccer game. Players go from standing still, to sprinting, then to jogging over and over again. To be able to do this for so long requires a lot of stamina. Here is how to build stamina to improve your Soccer game:


The first step is to build a good aerobic base with cardiovascular exercise like jogging and running. According to research by Umbro  over a 90-minute Soccer game, the average player spent 40 to 59 minutes jogging or running. The best approach is to be able to easily manage this level of endurance continuously. Wear your standard Soccer t-shirts and other gear when training to make keep the same conditions as when you actually play.


Approximately 10 to 15 percent of a game is spent sprinting. The most effective way to build speed is to do high-intensity interval training. This is where you spend 15 seconds at maximum sprint and then walk for about 30 seconds and then do this over and over again for a few minutes. Make sure to use broken in Soccer shoes to prevent any chance of injury when sprinting. There are various other protocols that use sprinting like HIT, Tabata etc. Find what works for you.