Goalkeeper gloves: What is the right type?

Written by Spike Soccer Store

As with any other goalkeeping gear, there are different types appropriate for different situations. Here is a list of the different types of gloves and when they should be used:

Match gloves

These goalkeeper gloves are meant for matches, tournaments, and serious play. They are made with the latest tech and provide the sort of ball control and grip expected of an elite pair of gloves. These are usually used by the best players in the world.

Training gloves

As the name goes, these are used for training and practice games. They are built for general training needs and will withstand hard ground training. They are more durable than match gloves and will last much longer, even with frequent use.

Weather protection gloves

These are used only during extreme weather conditions and have special latex palms. These palms get a sticker as they get wet and provide more grip. They are perfect for wet weather play and offer performance for advanced players.

Finger protection gloves

Some players are more susceptible to bend-back injury. These gloves provide the protection required with durable finger designs and finger stays. Some of the materials use stiffen when force is applied in order to protect the fingers. These finger inserts can be added or removed as needed.