Top Soccer Players Of the Last Decade

These soccer players have shone in the last decade. Even though we might not hear much from some of them, this list serves as a tribute.

Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro had led his country to the World Cup victory in 2006. This year represented the peak of his career and performance. Cannavaro had demonstrated all the attributes of a tenacious and intelligent defense player. He was also the second defender to have won the World Player of the Year. He had also contributed massively to Parma, Inter and Juventus.

Clarence Seedorf

Seedorf had a reputation for having improved each team in which he played. He had been in four champions league wins with three different clubs; Ajax, Ac Milan and twice with Real Madrid. The performance of Seedorf is not often cited, much to the wonder of soccer enthusiasts. The Dutch midfielder has certainly brought a major contribution to soccer in the past decade.


This Spanish player is the top scorer in Champions League history. He has also been in three Champions League wins with Real Madrid. Raul is also known as Spain’s top scorer of all time. The performance of Raul has not ceased to wonder for the last 15 years.


Even though Kaka might not be a match to the achievements of some of the players above, he has demonstrated raw talent. Kaka is also known for his verve and unique style. He is a natural player and this can be seen on the field as he glides effortlessly.