The top ten selling club soccer jerseys worldwide

Article written by Football Forever

Soccer is a global sport with large following. While a lot of the support is for national teams, fan loyalty is strongest for their club. Most European clubs have fans from all over the world. One way that fans show their support and loyalty is to buy their team jerseys. In some cases they buy replica soccer jerseys until the real one is available. Here are the top ten best-selling club soccer jerseys in the world.

On the number ten spot is Ac Milan also called the Rossoneri and prides itself as one of the top clubs in Italy and Europe, which is reported to sell about 350,000 jerseys worldwide yearly.

The number nine spot is owned by Inter Milan who is a neighbor of Ac Milan and nicknamed the Nerazzurri. They use the same pitch for their matches that is the San Siro. They are reported to be selling about 425,000 shirts yearly.

The number eight club is another Italian team, Juventus. The Bianconeri as it is called is said to sell around 480,000 jerseys per year. Arsenal occupies the number seven spot, selling 800,000 jerseys, while Liverpool which is the number six sells 810,000.

Next is Bayern Munich which sells 880,000 at number five and Chelsea as number four which sells 910,000 jerseys. Barcelona occupies the number three spot selling 1.15 million shirts, and then Manchester United which sells 1.4 million jerseys per year at number two. The top spot is claimed by Real Madrid also sells 1.4 million jerseys annually.

Fans are passionate about the team they support but also very supportive of their teams supplier. If they can’t get the team jersey then they might get the same brand like an Adidas soccer jersey.