Mourinho backs Infantino as ´the one´ to save FIFA

Gianni Infantino, The FIFA presidential candidate has gotten the backing from Jose Mourinho, who is considering staging World Cups in multiple countries.

At the Wembley Stadium, Mourinho, who was a Former Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid coach spoke alongside Infantino endorsing his campaign.

“I’ve known him for a long time,” Mourinho said.

“I know that he’s very capable, very experienced, [has] complete knowledge of everything around football and this organisation. I think he’s the one. I support him with a real feeling that I’m supporting someone that can do very well.”

Infantino, meanwhile spoke on staging multiple World Cups by stating “What I’m … proposing is to at least study the possibility of organising the World Cup in several countries,”

“We’re making the Euros in 2020 in 13 different countries in Europe. I think we don’t have to exclude the vast majority of countries in the world from the dream of being able to organise at least part of a World Cup together with other countries. We can organise a Euros in 13 countries and organize a World Cup in four, five, six countries.

“We have to be a little bit more responsible on how we are dealing with these questions in the future. It’s not anymore responsible to ask and to pretend from one single country – I can accept if it’s a huge country – to build all these facilities, all these stadiums, the airport[s], which in the end become white elephants and nobody is using them.”