New to soccer playing? Here is what type supplies you would need!

Having the proper equipment and right soccer supplies is essential to the performance of every player. Most teams and school leagues have also made it mandatory for their players to be integrally equipped along with adequate soccer apparel in order to be eligible to participate in a game. The right soccer supplies not only contribute to improving efficiency, they also act as a protection for the players.


Soccer cleats are designed to adapt to all tough conditions of the soccer field. Depending on the position of the player, these shoes are built to provide a great traction on the ground in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the player. Child and teen players are up to a certain age, limited only to turf shoes. The adequate age to shift to normal cleats would be defined by the club of the player.

Shin Guards

The leg of a soccer player is particularly vulnerable to injuries derived from kicks and collisions with other players. The lower leg area is especially prone to these accidents. The shin guard provides an additional layer of protection to the shin.

Soccer Socks

The right socks for a soccer match should be long and elastic enough to comfortably cover the shin guards. Players should be wary about not compressing their feet in their socks to avoid any disruption in their blood circulation.

Soccer Ball

Investing in a soccer ball will prove worthwhile in improving your moves and practising individually. Even though a team usually has its own soccer ball, it is important for a player to have his own ball for training.